Ballooning the Interview: Hacking Back at North Korea with Open Culture

My talk at the DLD conference,“Hacking Back at North Korea” tells the story of getting information into and out of the most closed place on earth. After NK hacked Sony over the interview, The Human Rights Foundation repays the favor, launching thousands of copies of the Interview (along with wikipedia, DVDs and small radios) into North Korea via high altitude balloon launched from the DMZ. I wondered what North Koreans would think of such a strange American comedy, so the talk features footage shot last week of North Korean defectors watching the film and telling us why the Interview is threatening to the Kim dictatorship. Plus: a live remote from Seoul featuring top North Korean defectors, the results of this summer’s Disrupt North Korea hackathon in Silicon Valley, and the treacherous history of taking on dictators with satire ( featuring both Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges.)